issue no. 4: Pink
The pink issue presents rural sites of encounters, which might be familiar or alien: a rural theater stage, a rave on an open field, a shared table or a traditional country fair - which is not solely a place for exhibiting productive livestock and their trade but also to mingle, to meet. Rural pink comes with a certain softness, sensuality and vulnerability, horse girl desires and reflections of human-animal relations. It is deeply personal, lingering in ideas of girlhood, but also offering a wide playground to fathom gender roles and queerness. At the same time, pink is loud, it shines through, it can’t hide. Alerting as well as appealing in nature, it can cause irritation as well as soothing memories.

Contributing authors: Mircea Sorin Albuțiu, Lydia Beardmore, Allis Sääsk Berglund, Juri Bizzotto, Andreas Doepke, Constanze Flamme, Donatella Gasparro, Joseph Horton, Dénes Jäger, Eefke Jehlicka-Kleimann, Frida Østerby Berg, Anı Ekin Özdemir, Luisa Roth, Marija Repšytė, Sophie Anna Stadler, Mia Tamme, Marta Verheyen Maynau, Claudia Zeiske, Theresa Zwerschke

Editorial team: Hanna Döring, Freia Kuper, Maike Suhr
Graphic design: Till Hormann
Cover photo: Olya Korsun
Printed by KOPA, 100 pages
Released May 2024


issue no. 3: Green

Green are the meadows, forests and fields that form rural landscapes. Green is chlorophyll, a pigment absorbing red and blue wavelengths of light. Green are trimmed hedges bordering an estate in the village and shielding it from the neighbor’s view. Green is the color of political parties that aim to counter the climate crisis. Green is sometimes just a fantasy.

The chosen color of hinterlands’ third issue points to the climate crisis and its consequences. It shows us the drawbacks of an industry focusing on “green” solutions. It leads us into the forest and to family histories tied to the soil on which they live.

Contributing authors: Nathalie Bertrams, Michele Cardano, Evelina Faliagka, Ingrid Gercama, Yul Koh, Franciszek W. Korbański, Freia Kuper, Elke Kuper, Ola Lewczyk, Danute Līva, Danijel Losic, Stephanie Newcomb, Arabella Paulovich, Elisa Pieper, Emily Priest, Alexander Ratzing, Nemanja Rujević, Anna Lucia Schaffter & Swiss Seed Exchange collective, Hannah Schleifer, Sarina Sievert & Fibershed DACH, Sophie Anna Stadler, Fabian Weiss

Editors: Hanna Döring, Freia Kuper, Maike Suhr
Graphic Design: Till Hormann
Proofreading: Ted Fendt
Printed by KOPA, 88 pages
Released December 2022

Reviews and Interviews on the Green Issue:
Stack (Magazine Club)
Do you read me?! (Interview)


issue no. 2: Orange

The orange issue shows the countryside as a space where both our pasts and futures are negotiated: How do we care about available spaces and resources? How do we deal with roots and sticky heritage? How can and how could we live?

The second issue of the hinterlands magazine compiles orange traces in soil and rust, in harvest, vegetation and kitchenware. The magazine contributions deal with ecological exploitation, the colonial history of a farmhouse, rural racism and the desires as well as the disgust that flat landscapes evoke.
Contributing authors: Esra Akkaya, Ştefan Ionescu-Ambrosie, Henriette Arcelin, Megan Black, Roman Boichuk, Eva Busch, Jack Butcher, Lukas Dörrie, Marisa Ekstein, Desirè Gaudioso, Alina Gombert, Gurpreet Kaur, Ness Lafoy, Tabea Marschall, Julia Nitschke, Nicole Paganini, Mònica Pagès, Anna Paul, Mirko Savković, Christina Stohn, Miguel Teodoro, Lucrezia Travella, Laura Van Severen

Editors: Hanna Döring, Freia Kuper, Maike Suhr
Graphic Design: Till Hormann
Proofreading: Ted Fendt
Printed by KOPA, 92 pages
Released December 2021


issue no. 1: Blue

The blue issue of the hinterlands magazine assembles rural realities in 18 contributions from European rural regions and villages. The magazine presents reports, essays and photographic series related to the colour blue.

“Starting with blue, hinterlands magazine explores the rural and non-urban in each issue through a different colour. Looking at various places, formats and facets, the magazine brings together the individual and the transnational, it sheds light on narratives which might otherwise remain hidden in the newspapers’ local sections or in the unwritten memories of a village youth.” - Editorial

Contributing authors: Duygu Atçeken, Anita Back, Anna Barbieri, Federica Buzzi, Fabio Dalvit, Hanna Döring, Ştefan Ionescu-Ambrosie, Marissa Klaver, Ola Korbańska, Irina Lazarova, Daniel Mayr, Vasso Paraschi, Anna Quinz, Stefan Schocher, Jana Schütt, Evžen Sobek, Maike Suhr, Mirishahe Syla, Hanne Trede
Illustration: Lasse Wandschneider

Editors: Hanna Döring, Freia Kuper, Maike Suhr
Graphic Design: Till Hormann
Proofreading: Nicola van Straaten
Printed by KOPA, 112 pages
Released August 2020