Call for Entries: issue no. 4 Pink

Pink like the Paradise Found

In the 4th issue of the hinterlands magazine we are looking for the softest and the hardest parts of the countryside – pink rural realities. Raw and sweet, rural pink may manifest in bulky or in broken flowers, gender clichés and cotton candy at the small town fair. Pink appears in garden kitsch and piggy farms, abrasions on your knees from climbing trees. It is a color of strong and ambivalent emotions, you either hate the pink shirt or you love it. What does it take “to be in the pink”, to feel fit and happy? What kinds of pink occur in rural spaces? What shapes does it take? Is it natural, artificial, associative, otherworldly, some other hue of being?

hinterlands is a print magazine for rural realities. In narrative as well as visual formats, hinterlands magazine presents local rural stories from all over Europe and aims to create a transgressive understanding of rurality. The magazine features observations from beyond the city centers. The issues of hinterlands magazine follow a color concept: So far, we have issues published in blue, orange, and green.

For the upcoming pink issue, we invite submissions of journalistic, essayistic, literary, photographic or illustrative work centered around the countryside and rural life in Europe (but not limited to the European Union), written by people related to the respective region. Contributors should make pink a color of reference in their submissions.

hinterlands is self-funded by the three founders of the magazine. As an independent DIY project, we do not have the financial means to adequately pay the contributors at the moment. Thus we offer a small compensation of 50 euros per contributing person. Despite the current circumstances, we share the firm belief that authors should be paid well for their work and hope to be able to do so in the near future.

Please send us:
  • short abstract of your idea (up to 5 sentences)
  • extended draft (6.000 to 8.000 characters incl. spaces) OR image series (max. 12 pieces) with description
  • short bio (3 to 5 sentences)

to info@hinterlands.eu, subject: “Pink Submission”, until the 31st of July.

Don’t hesitate to contact us via info@hinterlands.eu with any questions regarding the call or our magazine.