call for entries

First Issue – Blue

hinterlands is a print magazine for rural realities and narratives from Europe’s rural regions. In reports, essayistic prose and other narrative as well as photographic formats, hinterlands magazine presents local rural reporting and coverage on a transnational level and thus creates a transgressive understanding of rurality.

In times of growing discrepancies between city and countryside, hinterlands wants to leave the word to the villages and rural areas. Rural everyday narratives are to shape a new view of Europe beyond the cities.

Today, tensions between the urban and the rural seem bigger than ever. Rural areas are blamed to be the cause of the pan-European upheaval of right-wing parties, of Brexit, and racially motivated violence. City dwellers, however, are accused to turn a blind eye to the problems and concerns of the “ordinary people” and to ignore the interests of villages and their inhabitants.

At the same time, in parts of Europe more and more people are moving out of the cities to the countryside, and in an increasingly confusing world the dream of finding peace and freedom in the rural is becoming as tempting as it is naïve. In many ways the borders between cities and villages seem to be more insurmountable than those between nation states.

Each issue of the biannually published hinterlands magazine appears in a distinct colour. Our first issue is blue: Blue as the sky and the sea. Blue like the water that makes villages disappear with newly built dams and blue like the patterns of your grandma’s china. The blue basis of Europe, according to its flag. Provincial blues, blue marks, blue collar work, blueberries and cornflowers. The blue of distance, of fading, of dreaming or longing.

We invite submissions of journalistic, documentary, literary or photographic work centered around the topic of rural regions – preferably written by locals – relating to the colour blue. Please contribute an abstract or a project outline of your entry to until 20th September 2019.

The magazine will be launched in the beginning of 2020.